ProductsPoint of Sale Systems

  • RedCloudT3ch Miniature POS with Dell Touch Screen: A new custom-built miniaturized computer with Intel Quad-Core CPU, 2GB Memory, and a built-inn battery providing up to 4 hours of operation. We include a Dell Capacitive Touch Screen which is extremely sturdy and great to the touch and very responsive, much better then old Resistive-Touch screens of old POS Systems. Comes with Windows 10 and Aldelo POS Lite Pre-Installed.
  • RedCloudt3ch V-TOP POS: All-in-one POS Solution with a 15-inch capacitivetouch-screen, a Quad-Core Intel CPU, 4GB of Memory, 128GB SSD Drive for super-fast operation. A Truly Next-Generation POS that is fast and light and has a magneticswipe reader built-inn to the housing.

Digital Signage

  • RedCloudT3ch Digital Signage Box It supports remote access and canhandle high-resolution images as well as fully-animated files and is ableto play them back at FULL HD Resolution. Uses a Quad-Core Intel CPU, has 2GB of RAM.
  • LG Digital Signage ScreensWe are an LG partner and sell LGCommercial screens the same screens that are used by McDonalds andother fast-food businesses for their digital signage needs. We have sizesall the way from 32 inches up to 65 inches, and also offer these in 4K.

Servers + Desktops

  • Dell: We are an exclusive Dell Partner and offer Dell OptiPlex desktops,Latitude & Precision Mobile Workstations, and full line of Dell PowerEdgeServers. Dell provide the best hardware in the industry with theirsystems being used by more fortune 500 companies then any other, theyalso offer great hardware support, and by purchasing through us you’renot only getting Original Dell Hardware, but since we are an authorizedreseller you also get Full Dell Warranty as well, whereas from otherresellers you may not get the warranty because they are not an authorized Dell Reseller.

Telephone + PBX Systems

  • NEC: We have been a NEC Partner going on for 4 years and we are expertswhen it comes to installing and supporting their systems. We have donemultiple installations with the DSX 40 and now their new system theSL1100, which is a very sophisticated system and comes with a 5-yearwarranty and can support existing landline systems as well as beupgraded to support full blown VOIP and Automated Voicemailanswering with call provisioning. Its an extremely scalable system whichcan scale with your business and save you money by utilizing our VOIPservices from our partner Fusion where lines cost as little as $9.99 amonth.
  •  Panasonic: We are certified installers and resell partners of Panasonic weare fully certified to service their old and new systems such as theTDA50G and can also upgrade these systems to support new standardssuch as VOIP.